Summer Matters Leadership Conference Recap

January 28, 2016

Thank you to all those who participated in and presented at the 2016 Summer Matters Leadership Conference in Oakland on January 22nd, 2016. The event was a huge success.

Below you will find the list of workshops and presenters, as well as links to many of their handouts.

Darlene A Hall PhD

Trauma Informed Youth Development:  A Leadership Perspective

Trauma impacts leadership staff, not just the children/youth served and frontline staff most directly working with children/youth. Examining trauma through a social justice lens, this interactive workshop provides an expanded understanding of trauma beyond PTSD to include complex, multiple losses, intergenerational, sociocultural, and secondary trauma to give organizational leaders a glimpse into trauma’s impact on two key administrative responsibilities:  fundraising and supervision of frontline staff.

Tamara Osivwemu         

Coaching Staff to Success

During this training, participants will learn about the different stages of coaching and the coaching steps, and have an opportunity to practice the coaching steps.   Objectives: Participants will understand the four coaching stages. Learn and practice successful coaching strategies.

Tamara Osivwemu         

Increasing Diversity and Engagement in Your Program.

In this training, participants will address the extent to which culture impacts their lives and the lives of children/youth they serve. They will also critically evaluate the ways in which they can recognize the diversity and increase the engagement of all those involved in their program.  Objectives: Participants will understand how culture impacts and shapes individuals Examine their cultural identities and how these identities may impact their interactions with others in their programs. Identify ways to increase the engagement of all those involved in their program.

Sara Statler        

EDMO: Creating Strong Summer Staff Communities!

Create an amazing staff experience, cultivate an amazing camp. Camp offers a unique transformational opportunity for youth but starts with the staff leading them. In this session we will explore techniques, approaches and activities that will create a meaningful growth experience for your staff. Happy staff makes for better, retention, happier campers and a stronger community.

Sara Statler        

EDMO: Self Care and Mindfulness for Busy Youth Workers

Do you take care of everyone else, but forget yourself? If we don’t care of ourselves we cannot be the leaders we strive to be. In this session we will discuss the importance of healthy habits and will learn techniques to help care for both body and mind so you can be the best youth advocate you can be!

Sara Statler        

EDMO: Summer Planning Process- Timeline and Tools 

Summer camp has a special timeline and planning process and this session prepares you to take on summer! Using FREE Google Drive tools. It will provide tested timelines and task tools to help you create quality programs and training structure. The session will also provide tools to create program plan with agency.

Brock Hudson   

Active Learning 

This interactive workshop introduces strategies for incorporating active learning, and helps participants create more powerful learning opportunities for youth.

Brock Hudson   

Building Community/Cooperative Learning

This interactive workshop will introduce participants to a variety of activities designed to support the community building process and equip participants with grouping strategies and ways to think about building cooperative learning into any program offering.

Brock Hudson   

Youth Voice

This workshop will emphasize the importance of offering real choices and meaningful participation to youth, and nourish youth leadership. This interactive workshop is focused on providing meaningful choices within activities and opportunities for youth input within the youth program itself

Debra Mason    

Godfather Ethics- Take your program to the next level

Outstanding leaders lead strategically, work collaboratively, and act intentionally to provide exemplary programs. How you approach this defines who you are as a leader. Find out where your passion comes from and how you can use these skills to get the most from your staff.

Clara Kamunde

It’s time to start enjoying teaching again!

Kids are NOT coming to school willing and ready to learn. The main ingredient missing in our classrooms today is nurturing with clear expectations.  When students know you care, they will work harder for you and challenge you less.   Lack of classroom management is the number one reason why educators are leaving the profession.   If you want to increase student achievement, you must first put a system in place for discipline that empowers your teachers to improve behaviors of students in the classroom. With Learning Time Consulting’s immediate, consistent, research based proven, practical strategies and applications you can provide your teachers with the support and tools they need for success and renew their passion for teaching!

Zak Parpia          

Expanded Learning Advocacy 101

What is the change we most need and want in the world? How do we make that change, and who must do the work? The transformation we need for the world and in our communities requires a movement: one that includes our children and youth, and each of us – for we are stewards of a world that belongs to young people. As we build collective understanding of issues that impact our programs and communities, we can take collective action toward transformative change by educating and influencing decision makers. Our programs are the ideal place to embody the world we want and need right now, as well as provide a catalyst to inspire and engage others to address our most pressing issues.

Khariyyah Shabazz         

All About Program Culture

Program culture is a unique way to receive buy in from the staff, families, and program participants. This workshop will explore the many ways on how to create an inclusive program that produces a unique program culture.

Jessica Manta-Meyer  

Think Outside the Survey Box- Creative Ways to Solicit Youth Input

Break out of the survey box! There’s more than one way to learn what youth think, care about, want to do, or have learned in your program…. so let’s use them! In this session, participants will learn about verbal, kinesthetic and visual ways to solicit young people’s input through hands-on practice and review of our comprehensive implementation manual for youth work professionals. By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to identify 2-3 creative strategies for data collection in their programs, understand their pros and cons and have a list of next steps for implementing these methods.

Jessica Manta-Meyer  

Dabbling in the Data- Hands On Data Analysis Activities for Teams

Nonprofit organizations are called to demonstrate impact and to engage in data-informed continuous quality improvement. Too few have the capacity to engage with data in a meaningful way, often because staff lack formal training and confidence in their own abilities. Dabbling in the Data is a user-friendly guide to participatory data analysis methods that any organization can use. By making the most of our natural abilities to detect patterns and make conclusions, Dabbling turns data analysis from a dreaded chore to a mission-critical conversation. In this hands-on workshop, we will share several participatory data analysis techniques that evaluators or program teams can use to stimulate robust, data-driven conversations.

Oscar Wolters-Duran    

How to Support New Staff to Create Engaging Lesson Plans

Creating engaging, project-based lesson plans is a complex skill that takes time to develop. And time is in short supply during the summer! In this hands-on workshop we’ll explore tips and tricks for supporting our new (and emerging) staff in developing lesson plans that build skills and keep youth active and engaged while learning. I’ll share a simple four-part framework for creating effective activities, and we’ll explore the art of debriefing, one of the most powerful but overlooked elements of an effective lesson.

Sheryl Davis      

Empowering youth to change communities

Explore strategies and tools to support youth development. Tools, resources and support for youth used to build bridges between community and police. This model addresses gaps we see in education and social capital for urban youth. Participants will learn best practices for becoming a community engineer.

Sheryl   Davis    

Everybody Reads! 

Develop a shared curriculum for communities (families and service providers) to address academic and social justice outcomes.  This workshop will provide a summer curriculum service guide for service providers & families. The guide includes a suggested book list and activities for parents and service providers to engage with children and youth over the course of the summer.

Reba Rose          

Promoting a Growth Mindset as a Daily Practice

Shift your mindset from managing student behaviors to coaching behaviors.  We will highlight the instructional strategies staff can utilize to support a growth mindset. When we coach students we reinforce our expectations and strengthen communication & collaboration skills.  These strategies can become a daily practice and promote a positive learning environment.

Reba Rose          

Standing in the Role of a Professional

What does it mean to be a personally responsible role model? Let’s define for ourselves what we need to do to create a place where we are proud to work together.

Reba Rose          

Taking on the Role of a Coach to Strengthen Staff Practice

We want to be catalysts to promote staff reflection and action planning so that they have a clear pathway to improving their own practices in working with youth.  We will practice key coaching skills and explore a process for coaching staff in the moment and during 1-1 conversations.

Caelie Ericksen-Stark    

Co-Facilitation: Working together to create a supportive learning environment for all

Participants will focus on team teaching and how to facilitate in a small group or pair to best serve the outcomes and goals of their programming. This workshop is aimed at direct service staff interested in learning how to best work with other leadership styles to co-facilitate activities and curriculum.

Caelie Ericksen-Stark    

Leadership and Employment Pathways for High School Youth

A workshop focusing on engaging High School aged youth within your Middle and Elementary School programming through leadership and employment opportunities. Participants will leave this workshop with a framework to use at site regardless of where their high school leadership programming is currently.

Giuliana Blasi   

From Flash Mobs to Parades: Applying Creative Youth Development Practices to Community/ Culminating Events

Community based performance art is a powerful tool to elevate and amplify youth voice and leadership. In this workshop, you will learn about the Creative Youth Development framework and how to apply it to existing programs and community events. Come learn methods of how to engage youth not only as performers, but also as producers involved in the shared-decision making, skill-building, and planning our talent shows, graduations, showcases, etc. As a tangible application of the workshop content, you will receive written curriculum on how to co-create and produce a Flash Mob performance with youth in your program.

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