Announcing our Summer Matters Superheroes of 2016!

It has been an amazing year for summer learning. Superintendents and districts across the state have been taking up the mantle to ensure their students have access to high quality summer learning programs. With such momentum and so many people standing up for summer, we are awarding three superheroes this year.

Guiding Principles for Effective TA Delivery

Technical Assistance (TA) is a primary resource for after school and summer staff for both professional development and program enhancement. In order to utilize resources effectively, ASAPConnect conducted a research review and consulted with field leaders to identify the following key guiding principles for effective TA delivery.

CSBA Guide: Summer Learning Matters

This guide is intended to better acquaint school board members and superintendents with summer learning, and to help them establish or expand programs that result in greater learning and enrichment for the students they serve.

Summer Matters Leadership Conference Recap

Thank you to all those who participated in and presented at the 2016 Summer Matters Leadership Conference in Oakland on January 22nd, 2016. The event was a huge success.

Do You Know a Champion of Change for Summer Learning?

In recognition of the innovative and effective summer jobs, learning and meals partnerships in cities, towns and counties across the country, the White House and the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) will convene a Champions of Change event to highlight leaders who are turning summer from a time of learning loss into a time of great gain.

Blast off to the 2016 Summer Matters Leadership Conference

This FREE conference will give you the opportunity to redefine summer with activities that are meaningful, support mastery and expand horizons. The goal of the conference is to provide tools and resources empowering you to deliver the highest quality program possible.

Tough Times, Tough Choices in After School Funding

In this report, the RAND Corporation takes a look at the factors endangering after-school program budgets, and the priorities of funding agencies.

Summer Learning Planning Timeline

Bringing your summer learning program to life takes commitment, energy and planning. Our Summer Learning Planning Timeline provides a clear structure you can follow to get your program off the ground.

Summer Matters and CSBA Offer Governance Workshops to School Boards

The California School Boards Association and Partnership for Children and Youth are pleased to offer this free workshop to help Boards of Education plan effective summer learning programs that promote student achievement and wellness. The interactive workshop is designed to engage School Board members, key leadership staff, and community partners in exploring, discussing and strategizing about the role of summer learning in their districts.