Close to Home: Rethinking Summer and Summer School

I propose that we retool the old summer school model into summer enrichment camps that focus on 21st century skills. These summer programs would employ teachers who have expertise in applying instructional strategies that foster critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication skills in our students. They would work in partnership with nonprofit and other youth-serving organizations, public libraries and others to provide full-day learning and enrichment camps.

Summer Matters Superheroes Featured in Edweek

Summer Matters presented its Summer Matters Superhero Award to Superintendents Deborah A. Flores of Gilroy Unified School District; Richard Martinez of Pomona Unified School District; and William McCoy of Sausalito Marin City School District during the California School Board Association’s annual education conference.

SM Superheroes Revealed!

Summer Matters is excited to celebrate our three Summer Superheroes. These superintendents from districts across the state are champions of summer learning. Today, we unveil their secret identities and talk a little about the amazing work they have done in their districts to bridge the opportunity gap, and give all students access to high quality summer learning.

Announcing our Summer Matters Superheroes of 2016!

It has been an amazing year for summer learning. Superintendents and districts across the state have been taking up the mantle to ensure their students have access to high quality summer learning programs. With such momentum and so many people standing up for summer, we are awarding three superheroes this year.

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Schools Out For Summer!

For many of our children, June is still that month of transition. School ends and books get put away. Clothes now too tight and too short get discarded, and, in advance of summer camp, shopping lists get finalized and bags get packed.

Program Spotlight: School on Wheels

Summer Matters spoke with a representative from School on Wheels about their summer program. School on Wheels was founded in 1993 by a retired school teacher who saw first hand how homelessness affects children’s learning. The following is an excerpt from that interview.

Preventing Summer Learning Loss

Summer doesn’t have to mean learning loss. It can be a time of powerful learning for children if we ensure that there are many learning activities to engage them in. With or without a formal school based summer learning program or summer camp, the ideas below are simple yet important experiences that can lead to a love of learning and a growing vocabulary, both crucial for academic success.

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Summer Matters is Supporting The Summer Learning Network and The Launch of A Seed Fund

The Summer Matters Campaign is exploring the power of a Summer Learning Network with the launch of a network seed fund.