Technical Assistance

Ideas for Helping Existing Summer Programs Embed Quality

Ideas for helping existing programs embed qualilty. Recommendations from TA providers.

Messages Made Simple: Communications Toolkit for Expanded Learning

This messaging toolkit is for organizations that use expanded learning to improve opportunities and outcomes for youth. It builds on a collaborative process conducted by Every Hour Counts partners and is available to organizations working in expanded learning, organizations that are building expanded-learning systems, and anyone else who wants to
communicate clearly about this important work.

Guiding Principles for Effective TA Delivery

Technical Assistance (TA) is a primary resource for after school and summer staff for both professional development and program enhancement. In order to utilize resources effectively, ASAPConnect conducted a research review and consulted with field leaders to identify the following key guiding principles for effective TA delivery.

Components of a High Quality Pre-Service Staff Training

Include discussions and demonstrations in your staff training on the following topics: Why are we offering this particular program? Who is an important part of our program, and what can we expect from them? How will we achieve our intended goals, and how will we know we were successful?

Why Quality Summer Programs Last at Least One Month

Educators often ask why we recommend that summer learning programs last at least one month. This suggestion is one of the six signs of a great summer learning program and is featured in our latest video, Summer Learning – An Inspiring Alternative to Summer School. Here are five reasons why duration matters:

Quick CASP Crosswalk

This brief describes how well the Quick CASP addresses each of the Quality Standards, using an approach similar to A Crosswalk Between the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning and Program Quality Assessment Tools.

Summer Matters – How Summer Learning Strengthens Students’ Success

This study describes how summer learning programs that provide high quality, engaging enrichment activities are a promising solution to this challenge and can help to narrow our unacceptable achievement gap.

Using a Comprehensive Assessment of Summer Programs (CASP)

Summer learning programs participating in the Summer Matters campaign use a standard toolkit to continually assess their programs, identify strengths, and plan improvements.

Quick Reference Guide for Comprehensive Assessment of Summer Programs (CASP)

This reference guide is designed to help you understand CASP terminology. It includes definitions of key terms used in CASP. Download this reference guide to have on hand when reviewing CASP materials

Quality Improvement Cycle

Improving our summer learning programs requires a commitment to continuous improvement of operations, curriculum, staff and advocacy/outreach. To meet quality improvement goals, you can leverage the Quality Improvement Cycle shown below.