Conference Updates

Workshop: Curriculum for Older Youth

This workshop will provide a variety of strategies and examples of curriculum to support hands-on learning for older youth. The workshop will focus on integration of multiple content standards embedded into activities as well as utilization of multiple instructional strategies.

Workshop: Working with Middle School Students

Have you ever had the feeling you were drowning in a group full of behavior issues? Then this is the session for you. You will learn how to teach the expectations for appropriate behavior in middle school, deal with the challenging behaviors, and use strategies for establishing trust, refocusing problem behaviors, effective communication, eliminating power struggles, and minimizing potential triggers.

Workshop: Creating Experiential Learning! Theater and ropes course games for educators

In this session we will play! Participants will be exposed to a variety of ropes courses, improv, movement and theater exercises that create community connections and promote storytelling, empathy and self discovery.

Workshop: Promoting Youth Leadership

Create opportunities and build the facilitation skills young people need to step up and take on responsibility. Come prepared to stand up, speak up and team up!

Workshop: Enliven Young Children’s Engagement with Their Own Social Emotional and Life Skills Development

Based on brain science, physiology, and proven educational principles, Kids’ Own Wisdom® is an easy-to-use approach that deepens and anchors kids’ ability to spontaneously transfer SEL instructions from parents and teachers into ‘real-life’ responses.

Workshop: Summer Learning Rocket Fuel

Learn Effective Interdisciplinary Strategies for Engagement and Enrichment that Make Summer Learning Blast Off!

Workshop: Empowering youth to change pathways

Learn how strategies and tools centered around high expectations empower youth to set goals, design a plan and meet expectations.

Workshop: EDMO Maker Lab – Making Learning Active

The session will focus how to incorporate design thinking, creative reuse and engineering into your curriculum. Participants will jump into their own Maker projects and experience the Design Thinking process and Maker Mindset.

Workshop: Be a Behavior Coach, Not a Behavior Manager

When we take on the role of a behavior COACH we are focused on supporting youth to reflect and be intentional with their choices. Our job is to offer feedback, guidance and support. This includes holding students accountable!