Summer Learning: An Inspiring Alternative to Summer School

This 3 minute video illustrates the difference between summer learning programs and remedial summer school. See how summer learning programs help students retain and build-on their achievements during the school year.

Teaching Kids how to Succeed in School

This 5 minute video exhibits how high quality expanded learning programs, especially Summer Learning Programs, can focus on Social-Emotional Learning for students. See how program activities nurture relationship building, communication skills, and emotional intelligence in students.

Getting a Head Start on the Common Core

This 5 minute video illustrates how expanded learning programs, especially Summer Learning Programs, help prepare students for the Common Core State Standards. See how schools are leveraging Summer Learning programs to gain experience with Common Core curriculum and give their students a headstart.

Video: Summer Learning Loss

This video illustrates how much learning is lost when low-income and at-risk students aren’t exposed to learning opportunities during the summer months.

Video: Summer Matters California

The video takes a look at the efforts of California school districts and summer learning programs to close the academic achievement gap between low-income and middle-income students.