Summer School

Cost of Summer Infographic

While middle and upper-income children are able to keep learning each summer by visiting museums and camps or going on family vacations, children from low-income families are falling behind. High-quality summer learning programs are a cost-effective way to prevent summer learning loss and close both the opportunity and achievement gaps.

CSBA Guide: Summer Learning Matters

This guide is intended to better acquaint school board members and superintendents with summer learning, and to help them establish or expand programs that result in greater learning and enrichment for the students they serve.

Summer Matters – How Summer Learning Strengthens Students’ Success

This study describes how summer learning programs that provide high quality, engaging enrichment activities are a promising solution to this challenge and can help to narrow our unacceptable achievement gap.

Six Elements of Great Summer Learning

Summer Matters draws on its experience with summer learning programs throughout California to provide a straightforward checklist for parents. The checklist identifies the six key elements of an effective summer learning program and what they mean in practice.

Taking Summer Seriously

With the Packard Foundation’s support, a coalition of educators, policymakers, and families launched the Summer Matters campaign. Eager to build on-the-ground models of great summer programming, the stakeholders worked to create high-quality programs across the state that address local needs of children and youth.

California Case Studies Promote Summer Learning Over Summer School

PCY’s Katie Brackenridge featured in Edweek to talk about the new report “Investing in Summer Learning: Stories From the Field.”

Leveraging Summer for Student Success (LCFF)

High-quality summer learning programs aren’t just nice to have; for many students, they’re the difference between the potential for success and falling far behind their peers. In short, if you want to give your district’s most vulnerable students the best chance to succeed — YOU NEED SUMMER.

Blast off to the 2016 Summer Matters Leadership Conference

This FREE conference will give you the opportunity to redefine summer with activities that are meaningful, support mastery and expand horizons. The goal of the conference is to provide tools and resources empowering you to deliver the highest quality program possible.

Putting Summer to Work

Using data from surveys, focus groups and program observations in the summer of 2013, the reports listed below are intended to help education leaders and program providers understand specific strategies to meet time-sensitive priorities around Common Core preparation, students’ social and emotional growth, and teacher and staff development.

Summer Learning: An Inspiring Alternative to Summer School

This 3 minute video illustrates the difference between summer learning programs and remedial summer school. See how summer learning programs help students retain and build-on their achievements during the school year.