Social Emotional Learning

Circle up: Teaching social-emotional skills year round

Creating places that feel safe for students has been the raison d’être of summer programs like Aim High, as it has been for hundreds of after-school programs in school districts across the state. Yet for many school principals who are casting about for ways to improve students’ sense of physical and emotional safety — and in doing so, students’ interest in being at school and learning — the idea of calling on summer school and after-school experts hasn’t occurred to them. But that is starting to change.

Putting Summer to Work

Using data from surveys, focus groups and program observations in the summer of 2013, the reports listed below are intended to help education leaders and program providers understand specific strategies to meet time-sensitive priorities around Common Core preparation, students’ social and emotional growth, and teacher and staff development.

Teaching Kids How to Succeed in School

How education leaders can use summer programs to engage students and develop their confidence as capable learners.

Teaching Kids how to Succeed in School

This 5 minute video exhibits how high quality expanded learning programs, especially Summer Learning Programs, can focus on Social-Emotional Learning for students. See how program activities nurture relationship building, communication skills, and emotional intelligence in students.