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Six Elements of Great Summer Learning

Summer Matters draws on its experience with summer learning programs throughout California to provide a straightforward checklist for parents. The checklist identifies the six key elements of an effective summer learning program and what they mean in practice.

Summer Learning Infographic

This summer learning infographic summarizes the challenges that summer learning programs address, the positive impact they have on students that participate, and the key features of an effective program.

Teaching Kids how to Succeed in School

This 5 minute video exhibits how high quality expanded learning programs, especially Summer Learning Programs, can focus on Social-Emotional Learning for students. See how program activities nurture relationship building, communication skills, and emotional intelligence in students.

A Time to Learn, A Time to Grow | Public Agenda

Drawing on 1,200 interviews with California parents, A Time to Learn, A Time to Grow, looks at the disconnect between the summer activities that parents seek for their children and what they are able to find.

Five Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning All Summer Long

Research shows the importance of summer learning to educational advancement, yet many communities offer limited or no summer learning programs. Parents desiring to keep their kids learning all summer-long must find alternatives.