Tools and Strategies to Improve your Summer Program

Tools and Strategies to Improve your Summer Program
Making your program better doesn’t happen by accident. It takes focus, persistence and data. Using a model developed with the National Summer Learning Association, this workshop will help participants understand the cycle of quality improvement and how a newly-released assessment tool (the Quick CASP) can gather the date to improve quality over time.

Quick CASP Crosswalk

This brief describes how well the Quick CASP addresses each of the Quality Standards, using an approach similar to A Crosswalk Between the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning and Program Quality Assessment Tools.

Summer Matters – How Summer Learning Strengthens Students’ Success

This study describes how summer learning programs that provide high quality, engaging enrichment activities are a promising solution to this challenge and can help to narrow our unacceptable achievement gap.

Using a Comprehensive Assessment of Summer Programs (CASP)

Summer learning programs participating in the Summer Matters campaign use a standard toolkit to continually assess their programs, identify strengths, and plan improvements.

Quick Reference Guide for Comprehensive Assessment of Summer Programs (CASP)

This reference guide is designed to help you understand CASP terminology. It includes definitions of key terms used in CASP. Download this reference guide to have on hand when reviewing CASP materials