CSBA Summer Learning Timeline

A three-stage planning guide for boards developing summer learning programs.

These stages are a roadmap for boards to start developing summer learning programs. The end goal is:

  • Increased student learning outcomes
  • A program that differs from regular instruction through intentional lessons that incorporate enriching activities in order give the program a “summer camp” feel
  • A connection between health and wellness and academics and enrichment
  • Summer meals provided to students in need

The initial pre-staging of this timeline would constitute initial facilitation and direction in group building. Please note—this is not a linear process—but rather an outline of ideas and steps that may be taken throughout the process in its entirety. Districts should not abandon programs already in place that may not align with these ideas and steps; these steps should be molded into the current plan.

To read the full timeline, visit the CSBA Summer Learning page.

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    A three-stage planning guide for boards developing summer learning programs.

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