How Summer Matters is Changing the Course of Expanded Learning in California.

By the time a low-income child enters fifth grade, he or she can be up to three grade levels behind other classmates in reading and math. One key contributor to this gap is the absence of learning opportunities during summer months, which results in learning loss.

National Academy of Sciences Hosts Summer Learning Panel

On August 25, 2016, The Institute of Medicine/National Academy of Science hosted a panel on summertime opportunities in Washington DC. The workshop validated the value of a summer learning approach not only for student academic achievement, but also for students’ health outcomes. A report outlining the workshop was just published.

The Cost of Summer

Summer can be a costly time for low-income families. According to Jennifer Peck, Executive Director of the Partnership for Children and Youth, “While middle-income children retain knowledge or, in many cases, make gains over the summer, low-income children fall behind.” Summer learning programs are a cost effective way to prevent summer learning loss and close the opportunity gap. In order to better understand the cost of such investments, Summer Matters conducted a small survey of partner organizations offering high quality summer learning opportunities in California.

CSBA Guide: Summer Learning Matters

This guide is intended to better acquaint school board members and superintendents with summer learning, and to help them establish or expand programs that result in greater learning and enrichment for the students they serve.

Public Libraries and Effective Summer Learning: Opportunities for Assessment

The Urban Libraries Council (ULC) recently released a new report, Public Libraries and Effective Summer Learning: Opportunities for Assessment and executive summary. The new report documents ideas exchanged by leaders from both inside and outside the library field at the National Forum on Effective Summer Learning in Libraries.

Every Hour Counts Report

The report describes the pressing social issues that impact student learning, including poverty and inequity, and examine the ways in which expanded learning can help remove some of the associated barriers.

Summer Matters – How Summer Learning Strengthens Students’ Success

This study describes how summer learning programs that provide high quality, engaging enrichment activities are a promising solution to this challenge and can help to narrow our unacceptable achievement gap.

youth access summer

Youth Access to Summer

Give a Summer, a Boston based education nonprofit, released a report today on its research into what middle school students do over the summer, what they want to do, and what stands in their way.

Quality Outcomes Study for Seattle Public Schools Summer Programs

A new study shows a clear link between the quality of summer learning programs and the academic outcomes they produce. The study was funded by the Raikes Foundation and done in partnership with Seattle Public Schools, the Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality, and School’s Out Washington.

After 3pm: Special Report on Summer

This data-rich report looks at how children spend the hours from 3-6pm, the period after school but before parents come home from work.